• Could this be true?

    You do not have to endure school
    to be on a path to success.

  • A message for teens,
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    Do You Hate School?



    The stress, the anxiety, even the anger you have sometimes

    take a toll on your mind and body.



    But you want to succeed in life...so you stay in school.



    What if you found a way to be successful

    and follow your dreams....


    even become an independent and fulfilled adult


    would you stay?

    There are self-directed learning centers and democratic schools
    where you learn only what you want,
    all over the country.
    There is homeschooling.


    Catalyst can help.
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  • You can leave school and succeed.

    There are many pathways to college, career, and success.

    MacKenzie's Story

    MacKenzie went to a self-directed learning center for 5 years, while engaging in sports at her local high school. She is now going to college.
    With Catalyst Learning Network, you don't have to live in a community that has one of these centers. You can connect with Catalyst staff online, interact with other members from all over the world, and get involved in local learning opportunities.

    Anna's story

    After feeling stressed out and anxious about school, struggling with a learning disability and personal problems. She had trouble convincing her parents but she prevailed! Finally she joined Beacon Self-Directed Learning Center. Now, she learns in freedom; learns about who she is and who she wants to become.
    Catalyst Learning Network helps teens discover their interests, develop their goals, and take control of their lives.

    Princeton Learning Cooperative

    At PLC teens create their own curriculum. At Catalyst Learning Network the same process takes place. 
  • What is Catalyst Learning Network?

    It's an alternative to school.
    Read more at catalystlearning.net

    Self-directed Learning,
    wherever you live.

    Catalyst offers a program that can replace school. Teens pursue their own interests at home, develop their strengths, and receive support, coaching and mentoring. They connect online to  other teens and global resources. With guidance from Catalyst staff, they develop learning opportunities at home.
    Catalyst members from all over the U.S. and the world connect online and pursue learning activities of their choice ... outside of the standardized environment of school.

    Brendan Heidenreich, Co-director


    "I envision a world where all young people have the opportunity to pursue self-directed learning with the support of mentors and community."



    Lisa Cooley, co-director 

    "If young people hate school, if they struggle with learning that they don’t want, if they hate homework, suffer through tests and grades...I firmly believe they need to leave school and seek healthier learning."

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